Group Mentoring with Robert Stuberg – One Session

This $997 package (four monthly installments of $249.25) includes four one-hour sessions of small group mentoring with Robert Stuberg over a one-month period. The exact contents of these mentoring sessions will be designed to fit your specific needs and goals. The outcome for these sessions is results. Massive and immediate results!

You will work on your highest priorities in life and be given the mentoring you need to turn your wishes into decisions and your decisions into actions. This is a program designed for advanced achievers who are ready and willing to step up to the next level in their lives.

You must be ready to change (and truly desire to change) to take part in this advanced level mentoring program!

If you want to create an extraordinary life for yourself and those you love, this is the ultimate program that will show you how to make it happen once and for all.

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