How to Become Financially Independent (Success Single)

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This set of MP3 files contains the audio tracks from Session Five of the best-selling program “The 12 Life Secrets” by Robert Stuberg.

Track 1 – Introduction
Track 2 – The Mindset of Wealth
Track 3 – A Powerful Investment Strategy
Track 4 – Creating Financial Independence Now
Track 5 – Review


Are you ready to become financially independent? Robert Stuberg believes you are and gives you the formula how to do it in this message.

Begin by accepting Robert’s dare. Once you’ve made that commitment, you’re on your way to building your fortune as Robert tells you how to develop your skills for earning, saving and investing. You’ll then learn how to master the major goals for accumulating wealth of Financial Protection, Financial Independence and Financial Freedom.

Increase your earning power by finding opportunities to do what you love best in a way that provides service to others on a massive scale. Learn the secret of paying yourself part of everything you earn.

Financially independent by age 30, Robert Stuberg shares the secrets of accumulating great wealth, how to keep money in perspective and how to realize even greater abundance by maintaining a sense of gratitude and sharing what you reap.

Listen to Robert Stuberg’s formula for creating a fortune and you will achieve financial freedom sooner than you think.

Classic quotes from Robert Stuberg that you’ll hear in this remarkable message…

“Financial independence is the control of an income stream sufficient to support all your needs without you having to work.”

“Learn the value and proper use of money regardless how much you have. This is the way to prepare yourself to handle the fortune you are beginning to accumulate.”

“Be the master of your money, not its servant. You will then find that mastering money is a way of mastering yourself.”