About Us

Club Prosperity is one of the world’s fastest growing communities focused on enhancing personal and financial development. Club Prosperity is dedicated to helping individuals “Create and Live the Life of their Dreams” by providing them with an environment of inspiration, motivation, and education along with the tools and strategies needed to accelerate the path to success. The Lifetime Success Process™ was developed exclusively for this purpose. 

Club Prosperity was founded by Robert Stuberg and George Wright III. They have both been professionals in the field of personal and professional development for many years.

Here is how George Wright III tells the story of how Club Prosperity was born:

“I’ve spent the better part of my life working and learning around successful people in the area of personal development and financial education. A short time ago, major events in my life happened that made me begin to question my level of happiness and fulfillment. I realized that I was not where I wanted to be in life, and I felt extremely unhappy and unfulfilled. Even though I had accomplished most of my goals in life, I had not accomplished what is most important in life, i.e., happiness and fulfillment.

The things that most people equate to having success including a great education, massive income, and many status symbols such as expensive cars, homes, and travel weren’t giving me what I thought they would. Even with the most wonderful wife and kids, I still had a feeling of wanting more, and yet nothing was making me happy with what I had. It really bothered me and perplexed me at the same time. I began to feel depressed and unfocused in my life.

Luckily, I decided to discuss my challenges with a person who was a close friend and mentor. He is now my partner at Club Prosperity, Robert Stuberg.

Robert suggested that I read an article he had written titled “When Failure is Better than Success.” The title really shocked me. How could failure ever be better than success? It didn’t make any sense to me but I respected him enough to read the article. I’m so glad I did because it complete revolutionized my life. (I will tell you how you can get a FREE copy of Robert’s article in a moment, and I urge you to read it today.)

I read Robert’s article the same day he told me about it, and then I reread it a number of times because it was hitting me right between the eyes. It was like Robert had written the article just for me. (I later learned that he wrote it for himself to remind him of a truth he had lost sight of in his own quest for success.) After reading and rereading the article, I called Robert to discuss it with him. My life has never been the same. Reading this article and talking with Robert was a major breakthrough in my life. I didn’t realize that I had inadvertently adopted a philosophy about success that was in complete alignment with most of the world yet entirely out of alignment with the facts.

Robert helped me realize that my definition of success and happiness were entirely wrong. I had it backwards. I was reaching for and achieving many “worthwhile goals” yet they would never create the peace and happiness I was looking for with the strategy I was using. I needed to completely redefine what I really wanted my life to be like. After I saw the truth, Robert suggested that I listen to “Creating Your Ultimate Destiny” which was a program he had written and recorded while he was an author, speaker, and key executive at Nightingale-Conant Corporation.

Robert left Nightingale-Conant Corporation many years ago and has had an amazing track record of success with happiness, which is the ultimate bulls-eye in life. Below are bios of both Robert and myself where you can learn more about our careers. What’s most important is that after my breakthrough, Club Prosperity was born as an idea that Robert and I developed to help more people combine happiness and fulfillment with success.

Club Prosperity is dedicated to providing you with the information, knowledge, resources and tools you need to Create the Life You Were Meant to Live. It’s now your turn to not just create, but to live your ultimate destiny. As a result, you CAN and WILL create success and happiness in your life. Remember that success without fulfillment is best defined as failure! Don’t let that be you. Choose success with happiness!!”

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Our Founders

George Wright

President & CEO

George Wright is a recognized leader in the industry of direct marketing and financial education. He has over 15 years of Executive Management experience and 20 years of Direct Marketing and Sales experience. He holds a Bachelors Degree in Business Finance and Marketing and is responsible for starting several successful multimillion-dollar companies.

As a founding member and the VP of Inside Sales and Marketing for Investools, a large publicly traded stock investor training company, he was responsible for starting the company and growing their inside sales division to just under $1 million dollars a week in sales. This company has done over a billion dollars in sales and was acquired by T D Waterhouse (Ameritrade) for approximately $600 million dollars.

Following Investools, he then took a key position as the VP of Global Marketing and Communications for Unicity International, a Utah based direct sales company, where he created and managed marketing campaigns and call center operations. He successfully integrated direct marketing and sales campaigns with the efforts of the field representatives to create significant improvements in company sales and leadership advancement.

Following this, he accepted a position as the Chief Executive Officer of a Financial Education Events Company. This company conducted marketing and financial education events worldwide for celebrities and speakers such as Donald Trump, the Duchess of York, David Bach, Brian Tracy, Steve Young and many others. He grew the company’s annual sales from $36 million per year to just under $200 million in 2007. In 2007 alone, the company spoke to over 250,000 people in live events and managed over 75 million pieces of direct mail.

In 2008 he founded and built a company called The Evolution Group that conducted seminars and marketing efforts throughout North America. This company has successfully created and launched several infomercials, direct mail and multi media campaigns for well known experts like Armando Montelongo, from A&E’s Flip this House, Robert Shemin, a NY Times bestselling author, and Donald Trump.

At the end of 2009, George sold the Evolution Group in order to focus and expand his direct selling business with Monavie. In April and May of 2010 his organization successfully launch the company into Korea. In the first 2 months, they enrolled over 40,000 distributors that grew to generate over $1 million in weekly revenue and expanded into several US cities as well as Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Australia.

Currently, George owns and operates several successful Marketing and Financial Education businesses. His strategic partners and clients operate in over 60 countries and have trained millions of people worldwide through personal and financial education workshops, seminars and training programs. He works with and manages partnerships and marketing efforts with companies, individuals and trainings that include New Peaks, Success Resources, The Millionaire Mind Experience, Club Prosperity, Tony Robbins, Robert Kiosaki, T Harv Eker, David Bach, and many Best Selling Authors and TV Celebrities.

Through his experience George has established a proven track record of performance and a strong list of personal contacts and relationships in the industry of direct sales and marketing. His ability to innovate, create strategic partnerships, and grow revenue and profits is unmatched in the industry.

Robert Stuberg

Chairman of the Board

Robert Stuberg is one of the world’s leading authorities on personal and professional success. He is an entrepreneur, author, speaker, coach, and consultant. His results-driven strategies for achievement have earned him constant praise for his life’s work. And his goal in life is simple: To help people reach more of their infinite potential for success by helping them to access and share what they do best.

Robert’s rare gift is helping people to find and apply their Unique Talent, i.e., the one thing that they are meant to do. Although many people spend their entire lives looking for their true purpose or calling, Robert can often help an individual discover his or her Unique Talent in one simple conversation.

Here is what Robert believes about finding your place in the world: quot;There is nothing more important in life than discovering your purpose, i.e., that place in the world that only you can fill. I like to call this your Unique Talent. Don’t rest until you find it.quot;

Robert has spent his entire life studying and applying the laws of success. He has traveled the world and studied with some of the greatest minds in the personal development field to learn both ancient wisdom as well as cutting-edge technologies.

Robert has helped companies dramatically increase their sales, he has coached individuals to greater happiness and success, and he has created many best-selling programs that share his strategies.

Robert is deeply involved in the entire Success Industry. He was the original Founder of Success.com, which from 1996 to 2007 was the premier source for personal and professional development products and services worldwide. In 2008, Robert struck a deal with Success Magazine to make Success.com a part of that publication which was originally founded way back in 1891 by Orison Swett Marden. Success Magazine has been led over the years by such renowned authors as Napoleon Hill, W. Clement Stone, and Og Mandino. Robert has contributed many articles and features to the magazine, and he continues to support the publication as it moves forward into its second 100 years of publication.

Robert is currently involved in many business ventures including Success Systems International, LLC, Strategic Publisher, Hypnology Research Institute, and Intent Management among others.

Robert’s passion for success began at a very early age when he was introduced to the recordings of Earl Nightingale. Earl was a popular radio and TV personality who became a pioneer in the field of personal development. In fact, after a very successful career in broadcasting, Earl went on to co-found the Nightingale-Conant Corporation. From the moment Robert heard Earl Nightingale’s classic recordings, he made the decision to devote his life to helping others become more successful.

One of Robert’s early goals was to work with the company that Earl Nightingale started. And true to his goal, part of Robert’s background includes more than a decade of working for Nightingale-Conant Corporation. He held numerous positions with the company including Executive Vice President before leaving to pursue his own entrepreneurial vision.

On a daily basis, Robert works with the greatest minds in the personal development field, including Anthony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Denis Waitley, Deepak Chopra, Ken Blanchard, Wayne Dyer, Jim Rohn, Barbara DeAngelis, Robert Allen and many others. Over the years, he has gained a rare insider’s view of their important work of helping people make the most of their time, talents, and lives.